4 Romantic Winter Dates to Warm You Up

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Utah, it’s pretty cold!  When it gets this cold, I tend to hibernate inside, and then get cabin fever. To combat that, a fun date night is the perfect cure for cold weather blues.

Forget the dinner and a movie routine because romance can be found in unexpected places when the weather turns chilly. With these date ideas, you can use this winter as an opportunity to snuggle up and really get to know your loved one!

Check out 4 great ideas here!  http://bit.ly/ujzp90



Show #24: The six promise foundation: Nichole Goudreau

Show #24: The six promise foundation: Nichole Goudreau


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Nichole Goudreau is an attorney and award-winning criminal justice instructor admitted to practice in Pennsylvania.  Nichole has conducted academic research on comparative criminal justice, juror behavior, attorney performance and trial practices in the U.S. and abroad.  She currently maintains an estate planning practice with a focus on serving newly formed families, Hoskins & Associates [LINK-www.hoskinsassociates.com] and is the founder and executive director of The 6th Promise Foundation, a nonprofit that exists to protect the spirit of the 6th Amendment and provide low-income criminal defendants with access to comprehensive legal representation.

Thank you, and I am looking forward to it!



Marriage Tip:

Laugh more. It is so surprising to me on how many couples that I talked with that I found out about their challenges and the issues int heir marriage and I ask them “what was the last time you had fun and you just laugh?” Too many people come up with empty answers.

Now laughter is truly is the best medicine. Think about when you first got together, most likely if I’m talking to you and you’re listening to this, you built a foundation a piece of being laughter and fun and enjoying one another. So what are you doing to have actively have fun with one another? what do you do in doing actively have a laugh with one another? And even if you have to break up this old movies or go to a comedy club, find ways to laugh with one another it truly is a healer and more importantly I believe it is a fertilizer to a more love, passion and understanding to one another in your relationship.

Go  out! laugh with one another!



When did God “Laugh”?

Nicole had this idea of going to college, get married, have kids and having all of it when she’s 29 but she met her husband way past in her 30s.


Hardest Thing About Being/ being married to an Entrepreneur?

Time management.


Favorite Thing About Being a/Married to an Entrepreneur?

Nicole feels fortunate to have a supportive husband. He supports on whatever Nicole wants to do.


How Do You Separate Your Business from Marriage?

Time management, set hours focused on family and talked to husband on plans to do on weekends and weekend time with the family.


Favorite Book?



Super Powers?

A cyborg that can see through things.


Best advice?

Don’t quit.


Eulogy Life Message:

Nicole: Make a difference in somebody else’s life, the fact that I was here has a positive impact on someone else.  It is not about me, make an impact on somebody’s life.


Business Contact Information:

Website: 6thpromise.org

For legal services: Hoskins and Associates

The Mentors in Your Life.

My family is a bit disconnected. My mom ran away when she was 16 years old to go live with a family because hers just really wasn’t caring about her. I never really had a strong relationship with my grandparents on either side. My grandfather on my dad’s side died when dad was 16 years old and my grandmother died when I was probably around four or five. So there really wasn’t a big bond that happened between all of us and still to this day it’s not super connected.

But there was one man in my life, papa Joe. Papa Joe was an amazing example to me of a husband and of a man. Papa Joe was my mom’s, we called him her foster father so my foster grandfather. He’s a man who whenever he saw me he would bring me up to him and he’d kind of rub my cheek up against his cheek and it was kind of scruffy looking, kind of like mine is right now, a little scruff going on and give me that dry shave feeling.

To this day I can think back and I can remember that feeling of him and I can smell his aftershave. It was that one old spice in the white bottle. He died really early in my life, he died when I was about nine years old. But to this day, here 34 years later, he’s made a huge impact in my life.

I still talk to papa Joe. I still pray to him sometimes, not to him but through my God to him and I ask for his guidance because he’s the man that I want to be like in my life. I think it’s so important to have examples in your life of what you want especially if you don’t have that in your life.

If you are someone who struggles with good examples, maybe your parents weren’t the greatest examples or maybe your friends aren’t the greatest examples, maybe you are living your life right now and you don’t have some great mentors I think it’s important to find those whether ones that you actually know or ones that you know of.

And papa Joe taught me that you treat your wife like a queen all the time. Now, Hope is still alive, his wife, and I still see them together even when I see her without him. In my mind’s eye, he’s always treating her beautifully. He’s always supporting her, always making her feel like she’s the most important woman in the world.

And so that’s where I live my philosophy with Shannon. When I was a little bit older I was in my high school years, I didn’t have the greatest example of parents who got along that well. I had my mom and my stepdad. My parents, my mum and dad were already divorced. There was a couple in my church, I know they don’t even know they were doing this as my example, they were just doing it because it was natural to them.

But this was the couple that first started me on the track of seeking out what true love looked like in a relationship. Papa Joe showed me what an example of a man was and this was what I got to see when I was really impressionable as a teenager when I saw this couple, the Canons. The Canons would sit next to each other in church. They wouldn’t divide and conquer with the kids between them. They would always sit with either a hand around him or his around hers. They would hold hands in church as they walked down the aisle and they would kiss each other every time they left each other.

That was amazing to me. They were my mentors and they didn’t even know it. Now in business and in life, I have mentors. I have people that I look to, to figure out how I can do what I do the best and how I can serve the most people because I believe that’s my calling, that’s my passion in life and so I seek those people out.

So my message to you today is seek out mentors that can show you how you can get what you want in life. If your marriage isn’t really where you want it to be go find that mentor or mentors that you can hang around and be with, ask questions to. If your business isn’t running the way that you want, go get the mentors. If you are not the greatest parent, look let’s have all transparency here, I’m not the greatest parent to teenagers.

I thought I would be, I thought I would be the most amazing parent and it smacked me in the face when I started having teenage daughters who I don’t know why this is allowed but they get to have their own free agency and their own opinions and they won’t listen to me all the time. So Shannon and I seek out mentors to help us how to be better parents.

If you don’t have a mentor in your life, I implore you find out the areas of your life that you would like to improve on. Whether it be about parenting or being a better person or being a better spouse even spiritually and seek after those people. Follow them, find out how they can help you and therefore you can help someone else because I promise you when you learn that lesson shortly thereafter someone will come to you asking you to teach them.

Hey, thanks for watching this episode of Marriage Messages. Please feel free to share it with your friends and family but don’t just share it, tell them why you are sharing it. And also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel because that’s the way you are going to get all these episodes as soon as we spit them out. And lastly if you have a question or a topic you’d like us to talk about or do a marriage message on, please let us know, send it to dino@thebizofmarriage.com or a little bit easier is dino@dinowatt.com.

05: Jason Hewlett- Entertainer, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

05: Jason Hewlett- Entertainer, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

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Jason has spent his career performing private events for the top corporations and associations onJason Hewlett Raptor earth, averaging over 200 dates per year, mostly with Fortune 500 companies, in venues worldwide.

Since the beginning his goal was to bring his audiences a Show they will never forget: Las Vegas Quality AND Family-Friendly.

His show is a combination of popular music, impressions, parody, over-the-top comedy, faces that will make you wonder if it’s CGI Live, and an overall experience that will leave you uplifted and wanting more.

As an entertainer he has become an expert at balancing his home life with the most important thing in his world, his family. A devoted husband and father, Jason’s tips on being a creative entrepreneur will inspire and motivate you. Get ready for some fun. http://jasonhewlett.com/


Marriage Tip:

Of never course go to bed angry, one of the worst pieces of advice I’ve heard, and probably you have heard too “never got to bed angry-” so not true.

Sometimes, you get to a place where you come to an emphase and you need to just separate and re-visit the subject later on. Now, do I want you to go to bed huffing and puffing? No. but it is important for you both to realize where you’ve gone to a place where you need to take a break and it is fascinating how your brain will work and you post the question “how are we going to resolve this,” you’ll probably have a good answer in the morning. One thing for sure, you’re temper and your emotions will be down, therefore your IQ can actually go back up.

Yes I give you permission when it is necessary. Go to bed a little angry and re-visit the conversation later.

How they Met?

They met in the church where both of them are members.

When did God “Laugh”?

Jason wants to a job in this casino and was being offered with a big time deal but he sees as he reads the contract that it will change him of who he is and should be totally controlled by the Casino, by the management of what they want him to do rather than what he is set to do so he declined the offer and head to the direction which he is comfortable.

Hardest Thing About Being/ being married to an Entrepreneur?

No job security. Waking up one morning and there is unemployment.

Favorite Thing About Being a/Married to an Entrepreneur?

Make money as much as they want, not tied to a real job. Able to travel and take his wife all over the world.

How Do You Separate Your Business from Marriage?

Jason before has no choice but to do gigs on holidays, birthdays and always in the cruise ship all over the world. No matter what gig it is he have to take it in order to earn so they can survive.  Currently he puts his family in priority, he turn gigs away if there’s a game schedule with his sons, family events and birthdays and date nights.

Favorite Book?

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen

Super Powers?


Best advice?

Don’t go to bed angry, but if needed, stay up and argue naked. We never argue, but I try to get naked!

Eulogy Life Message:

Family has to be first, there’s so many opportunities, so many things that come out along that we can justify or actually convince ourselves can be more important but these kids are growing old fast, I’m not going to miss their life.

Business Contact Information?


What women say they want in non-sexual touch.

Guys. Getting you wife to want to have more sex is all about his often you deposit into her emotional bucket. I know many of you think it involves large acts of romance like candles, flowers and huge gestures that take time, money and planning. While those things are nice and you should definately engage in that once and a while, romance starts with the little things. It’s the text in the middle of the day to say you are thinking of her. It’s the taking control of the kids bed time routine while you have her go take a bath or shower. It’s the small things that open her mind up to the idea of intimacy later on.

What it is NOT is the sudden interest in her as both your heads hit the pillow. Nor is it the “special invite” by groping, grabbing and gyrating your pelvis against her thigh while she is cooking.

One of the simplest ways to imprint on her how you feel is by non-sexual touch. John Keats said, “Touch has memory”. I would expand on that and tell you that when you touch your wife with a loving hand, you transfer energy that rejuvenates her spirit and leave a memory that feeds her soul.

Recently the marriage blog, The Generous Husband did a survey with their readers on what non-sexual touch wives prefer the most and how much more in the mood they would feel if they received it. The results were really interesting. All of them were so simple, yet gave great returns on the investment.

To make it simpler for you, here are the top 6 most preferred forms of touch women desired and how it would make them feel towards sex.

What do you think ladies? What is your favorite way to be touched? Guys, do you think you can do these simple things to make her feel valued?

I would love to hear your feedback. Also feel free to share this with those you care about.


How should you touch your wife to make her feel positive toward sex with you.
How should you touch your wife to make her feel positive toward sex with you.
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Teen Brides more likely to develop mental illness

can marrying too young be harmful to your health?

Teen brides more likely to develop mental illness

Have you heard about this? I thought it was interesting food for thought, and more evidence that couples should wait until their mid-twenties to make life long commitments like marriage.

Teen brides have more to worry about then just growing up too fast.

Women who marry before their 18th birthday are more likely to struggle with mental illness, according to statistics from the U.S. National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions.

Young newlywed women are more likely than older brides to suffer from panic disorder, bipolar disorder and depression, according to research published in Pediatrics.

“We found that the level of lifetime mental disorders among women married as children is much higher than for women married as adults,” psychiatrist Dr. Yann Le Strat, principal investigator on the study told PsychCentral. “Being married as a child is associated with a 41 percent increase in the prevalence of psychiatric disorder.”

All around the world, being a child bride puts women at risk for all kinds of physical and psychological ailments, including HIV, unwanted pregnancy and death from childbirth.

However, this is the first time that the mental health effects of young brides have been studied.

“Our research may help governments deliver mental health services, and could help inform debate around marriage legislation,” Dr. Bernard Le Foll, co-author and a clinician scientist with Centre for Addiction and Mental Health said.

There’s no cure for marrying too young but there is treatment for women who suffer from these conditions, including cognitive therapy, medication and early intervention.

Read more:HERE

and     HERE

I don’t have much experience with this, but I’d be curious if you or anyone you know has. Leave your comments below.





5 Steps to True Transformation

True transformations happen only under pressure and challenge.- Blair Singer

I have found that when you want a comprehensive transformation, it needs to happen in all areas of your life. This is best achieved by learning to let go, and release any negative emotions attached to an experience or a person.

People tend to create minimal results, or temporary results, when they only focus on working on one to two areas of their life. Then, they get frustrated and revert back to old behaviors and attitudes, thinking that their effort didn’t pay off.

In my experience as a mentor, I have studied and come to understand that the person has the ability to experience dramatic, lasting results if new actions are taken in ALL 5 areas of a person’s life.

1. Mental
2. Physical
3. Emotional
4. Spiritual
5. Behavioral

How can you create permanent transformation in your marriage?  By looking at your challenge through all 5 paradigms and choosing at least one action step in each area.

If you are experiencing difficulty in your finances & money in your marriage, ask yourself the following questions:

“How can I think differently about this?”

“What’s a physical action I can take to improve the situation?”

“What emotion is attached to this? And how can I release it?”

“How can I shift my  relationship to this, and create more spiritual connection in this area of my life?”

“What behaviors am I indulging in that are sabotaging my results? What actions & habits can I chose to support my goal?”

Looking at any area of your life through these 5 paradigms will assist you in getting lasting, effective improvement in your life.”