Make love outside of the bedroom?

Make love outside of the bedroom?

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Let’s face it, when you make the choice to spend your life having a the most sacred physical connection possible with only one person, sometimes it helps to spice it up a bit by changing the location of your love making. Come on we all have done it…or at least thought about it, having sex with your spouse in various locations beside the bedroom is a very common desire.

However, what is not common is the movies portray how great it would be to get busy in some of the most inconvenient locations. Like on stairs or in an airplane bathroom. Really? Who thinks of this stuff.

In a funny article by the blog Hot, Holy & Humorous the author debunks some of the most common myths about “desireable” places to connect with your spouse.

Let us know what you think.

At times it seems that we married people are a rather unimaginative lot. After all, most of have 99% of our sex in — can you guess? — a bed.

One suggestion for introducing a little playfulness, creativity, or adventure into your sex life is to vary whereyou have sex. Consider location, location, location. Besides atop the king mattress set, where else can a husband and wife be intimate? In the spirit of the medical ethics principle of Primum non nocere (“First, do no harm”), today’s post will focus on . . .

Places You Think Would Be Fun for Sex, But Not So Much

The Elevator. The thought of being alone in an elevator with your hubby, stripping down, and doing it against the wall or on the floor as you go up or down sounds adventurous. In fact, there seems to be a lot of innuendo, making out, and sex going on in elevators in the movies. There is even an Aerosmith song, Love in an Elevator (“Livin’ it up when I’m goin’ down”).

However, many elevators these days have cameras. So unless you’re trying to entertain the security guard with a free porn movie, why go there? Plus, if you push the Stop button on an elevator, someone might call for help, and you may be preventing someone from getting someplace they need to go. Finally, are you putting a plastic cover down, or messing up their carpet? I’m just sayin’.

Think of this: An elevator is simply a moving closet. If you want that experience, put full length mirrors along the walls of your closet, install a handrail, pipe in some easy listening tunes, and pretend to push the Lobby button. Same thing, no photographic evidence. 

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