Marriage is for losers!

Marriage is for losers!

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In our Rules for Arguing section we talk about fighting fair. Often we get people asking what that means. I explain that if the goal in an argument is to win, you both loose.

In this Great article by Kelly Flanagan, he goes into an even deeper explanation as to why it is important to fight fair.

You can be right, or you can be married; take your pick. I can’t remember who told me that, but I do remember that they were only half-joking. The other half, the serious half, is exceedingly important. This is why.

Many therapists aren’t crazy about doing marital therapy. It’s complicated and messy, and it often feels out of control. In the worst case scenario, the therapist has front row seats to a regularly-scheduled prize fight. But I love to do marital therapy. Why? Maybe I enjoy the work because I keep one simple principle in mind: if marriage is going to work, it needs to become a contest to see which spouse is going to lose the most, and it needs to be a race that goes down to the wire.

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