Oprah and Tony Robbins made me think…and cry a little.

Oprah and Tony Robbins made me think…and cry a little.

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Last night I watched the new Oprah’s Next Chapter as she interviewed Anthony Robbins. It was a great interview and I really appreciated the approach she took with him. Even more so I appreciated that Oprah actually went to the first day of his Unleash the Power Within event and played full out. She’s Oprah! She could have easily just observed what was going on and half heartedly participated, but she really went for it.

At one point Tony Robbins asked the audience of over 4,000 people to put their hand on their heart, close their eyes and think of a blessing they had in their life. One that really changed the course of their life, but that they might not think about as often. Oprah’s breakthrough about when her father took her in when she was 14 and pregnant was really touching. As I watch that happen I thought to myself that same question Tony Robbins asked and I immediately went in my mind to the moment I knew I was to marry Shannon.

I was driving down the Cajon Pass on the 15 freeway in California. I had been fasting and praying all day about what I should do when it came to her and my relationship. We hadn’t seem each other for a few years as we’d both been out of the country doing service work on 2 separate continents. She had recently returned, and I had just spent the weekend greeting her home and also severing our on again off again relationship. We ended the weekend saying a final goodbye to each other as she was going back to school at NAU in Arizona, and I was driving back  to L.A. to be a famous actor. To make things even more complicated, I was seriously dating someone else at the time.
However, that little voice inside was telling me I had made a HUGE mistake in letting her go. As I was driving back home I decided to say a verbal prayer asking my Heavenly Father what I should do. In order to really feel the Spirit, I put in a tape of some meditation music. As I started listening to the song, I started my verbal prayer. I did not get more than one sentence in when suddenly a flood of emotion came over me that was so intense and so strong I began to cry. It was a spiritual experience like I had never experienced before, and have not since, of complete knowledge and understanding that I already knew the answer. I was without a doubt to marry Shannon! I was so overcome by joy that the tears flowed down my cheeks. I am sure if anyone in the passing cars looked over at me during that few moments, they would have thought something very strange or tragic was going on. However, I did not notice or care about anything else other than the confirmation in my entire body that Shannon and I were meant to be together. It was the defining moment in my life when it comes to being blessed with an answer.

Thinking of that as I watched Oprah, I was grateful for such a strong experiance in my life and I wondered if there are other stories out in the world like mine. I’m sure there are, and we’d love to hear them.

When, how and where did you know that you were supposed to marry your spouse? What was the moment like and how often do you remember it?

Share your experiences here, it’s a great way to affirm the power of love!


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