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Looks like a great way to use your Emotional Currency

Looks like a great way to use your Emotional Currency

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This is a great way to strengthen your relationship muscle. I would add Focus on Your Friendship to the the Stay Interesting part.

Marriages are made up of so many important components, but in the day-to-day life of parenting and responsibilities, your emotional connection can get lost. While each and every piece of your relationship is significant, maintaining a strong emotional connection is key. Keep reading for expert tips on how to keep your marriage emotionally hot.

There’s no shortage of advice about how important it is for couples to get busy regularly, but it’s just as imperative for couples to keep their marriage emotionally hot, even when life is busy. Use these experts’ tips to keep your marriage emotionally hot. If you’ve found yourself in a disconnected state, learn possible reasons for it and potential solutions.

Stay interesting

“The best way to keep a relationship hot is to remain an interesting and vital person,” says Mark Sharp, a psychologist with a practice specializing in relationship and family issues in Oak Brook, Illinois. I love this advice because it’s something my own mom has always said. I recall her long ago commenting that couples who don’t have any individual interests don’t have anything new or interesting to share with one another.

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