Pornography! It’s destroying families, so it has to be talked about!

Pornography! It’s destroying families, so it has to be talked about!

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I know this is a really touchy subject and some of you would rather not have to confront it. However, it’s a fact that the virus of pornography is effecting families all around you. Wether personally in your own relationship or in someone close to you, now more than ever the prevalence of porn is touching all of us.
The more I research the statistics the more alarming it is. As a man and a father of a young boy, I am more and more concerned about the effects it is having on married couples and families.
Let me start by saying that I am grateful I have never had a issue with or an addiction to porn. Have I seen it before? Yes. Can I understand the interest and the attraction to it? Absolutely. As someone who has only sexually been with my wife, I believe there is a natural curiosity and attraction to what other women look like au natural. I believe this curiosity is one of the reasons my own state has some of the highest number of paid porn site members in the US and why Christian men in general, However, the ability to understand the destructive nature is what has kept me away from it in my life.

Because I end up dealing with clients and attendees who sometimes have this as an issue in their life I also have wanted to find out more information and try to understand it as an addiction not just a character flaw.
Let me just say here, I do not totally buy the “Sexual addiction” argument when it comes to having affairs. That I do feel is a character flaw and is a choice someone is making. I know this has been beaten to death in the media, but the recent Tiger Woods issue is a great example. For someone who had an “addiction”, he was able to stop that behavior the moment he got caught!

In my research I have learned that there are some real interesting facts and scientific proof as to why a man is tempted and often addicted to pornography. There are many sites out there that claim to be able to help. One, in particular, has a great explanation of this issue. It’s called Candeo I highly recommend watching their short video on how and why pornography can be so addictive in men. ( Click on the “CLICK HERE” link under the VIDEO TRAINING heading) This illustration of how the brain works when it comes to Porn addiction is excellent.

If you or someone you love is struggling with this issue, pleas forward this information to them. The challenge with Pron is too destructive to ignore. It’s not a matter of if it effects you, it’s really a matter of when.

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