Marriage is the foundation of all free societies!

My best man at my wedding came out a few years later. I still love him as a brother. Just because i don’t believe in a certain way of life doesn’t mean I have a phobia of anything, it just means I don’t agree. I don’t agree with people who do drugs, smoke, have affairs, divorce out of convenience or where “goddy” fake gold necklaces with their shirts halfway unbuttoned, it doesn’t mean I am afraid or fear them. I just don’t agree with them.
I personally feel this video does a great job of how my rights are in more danger than anyone elses if this proposition does not pass.

Besides, for everyone out there who cries that every vote should count. I already voted on this a few years ago, along with millions of other Californians and it did pass. Overwhelmingly. Why does my vote no longer count? Who is crying out for my vote and voice to continue to be heard? Why is the ACLU not standing up for my rights, my voice, my vote?